FEBRUARY Festival de Cortomegrages, 16th, 1th7, 18th and 19th of February This film festival focuses on Spanish 16 and 35 mm films. During these days several films are shown and then the jury announces the winner. It is one of the most important small film festivals of Spain.   

APRIL Semana Santa In Spain it’s a tradition to celebrate the Holy Week, since it still takes an important place in the Spanish life. A lot of processions and special religious services are events which return every year. In Cambrils the celebration is rather small, but in Tarragona  and Reus it is big and spectacular.

Sant Jordi, 23th of April

Sant Jordi is the patron saint of Catalonia  and therefore this day is a big exuberant celebration with a lot of fairs and special events. It’s also the day of love and traditionally the women offer their sweethearts a book and the men give a rose as a sign of love.

Fira de Cambrils first weekend of June
A festival, dating from the 13th century, where the local products are shown and sold, in this case among other things olives, olive oil, wine and almonds. There are of course a lot of other activities such as a village fair, activities, theatre and dancing shows.

Fiesta Barrio Eixample, weekend before San Juan

A celebration in honour of the beginning of the summer with several activities such as the Sardanas (Catalan popular dances), Correfocs, a big fire festival with dragons, thousands of firecrackers, large bonfires on the beach and spectacular fireworks.

San Juan, 23th and 24th of June
A big festivity, celebrated every year in honour of San Juan. The verbena of San Juan is celebrated everywhere, even in the hotels of Cambrils. Often a special diner is offered with live music and dances until the night is starting to fade away. Some legends credit this night with magical qualities.

Sant Pere, 28th and 29th of June

This festivity is celebrated in honour of Sant Pere, the Saint Patron of the fishermen with a lot of activities in the harbour of Cambrils.

Fiesta Virgen del Carmen, 15th and 16th of July A festivity in honour of the Virgen Carmen celebrated with a lot of processions, Habaneras (popular folksongs) and Sardanas (Catalan dances). 

AUGUST Festival Internacional de Música Several concerts of different music styles, taking place in the Parc Samá, el Santuario del Virgen Carmen in the Castillo of Vilafortuny. 

SEPTEMBER Fiesta Mayor Mare de Deu del Camí, 8th of September A fiesta absolutely full of activities such as the traditional Castells, the well known human towers, Bailes de Gigantes, giant marionettes and several concerts.

Fiesta Nacional de Catalunya, 11th of September National Holiday of Catalonia.

This day all the stores are closed.