MAIN WINTER FESTIVAL St. Anthony, 17 January Different celebrations are held throughout the year in Vila-seca, but the festival of St. Anthony, around 17 January, is the main winter fiesta. This is when the traditional horse galloping and trotting races are held. They take place in the future Torre d'en Dolça urban park, the site of the municipal hippodrome. A lot of effort has been put into creating and promoting this new area, with advertising in the local press, radio broadcasts, and many events run parallel to the main fiestas. A mini-train service to the racecourse is provided for visitors and complementary activities to the horse races including free hot chocolate, a country music concert, a pony roundabout for children, and a caricaturist.
Different parts of the town are also the scene for street theatre performances, shows and workshops for children (circus, imaginary games, music, theatre, dance, horses, etc.).

STREET MUSIC FESTIVAL Vila-seca, May Vila-seca opens up its streets and squares to a selection of the best live musicians willing to try and win a place in the hearts of the public and looking to put their feet on the first rung of the ladder of success. Competition grows from year to year to sign up to perform in the festival and it goes without saying that the quality of the artistes and diversity of styles is greater with each new edition. For this reason it has quickly gained the attention of talent scouts. Musicians are selected according to their formal and artistic characteristics, and the choice is aimed at being of the greatest interest, both to talent scouts who visit the festival and the public who come to enjoy the different styles of music Visitors to the festival will find a wide range of street artists and itinerant groups (percussion, jazz, etc.). All this is designed to bring the music closer to the audience. Each musical style is placed in a different setting ? to provide the most suitable ambience for the genre. Thus, for example, classical musicians perform in more secluded and intimate places, both for the musicians and their audiences. One surprise has been the quantity and quality of groups from music schools, so much so that the organisers of the Street Music Festival have created a special category to this effect. Another notable aspect is the pleasant atmosphere in which all the concerts take place, enhanced by the welcome provided by Vila-seca and its townspeople.

MAIN SUMMER FESTIVALS La Pineda, St. James, 23-27 July Vila-seca, St. Stephen, 1-3 August Various festive events in the town's squares: street parties and dances, shows for children, concerts, firework displays, "giants and pipers", horse exhibitions, open-air cinema, etc. SAND

NATIVITY SCENE La Pineda, December First created in the year 2001, the sand nativity scene received a lot of interest from the press and media and attracted a large number of visitors to the Beach of La Pineda at Christmas, during the resort's low season. This success encouraged us to promote this event as much as possible, with more advertising and by organising parallel activities. Ten sculptors from different parts of the world are commissioned to carry out this unusual work of art. The initial structure is made on wooden, pyramid-shaped moulds. These are then removed, leaving a block of sand, which is modelled to achieve the final sculpture.