The main city where you can see the medieval area, the Cathedral and the fishing port. Wander around and see the Forum a complex of various types of buildings. The Roman aqueduct, the Escipions Tower a roman burial site. Arc de Bara and the Roman Circus.
A city full of roman history
The independent state of Andorra in the Pyrenees Mountains. 
A paradise place for shopping as everything is duty free. Passport a must.
Barcelona is a city full of interesting monuments, Sagrada Familia, the Cathedral, Las ramblas, Colon and much more, much more. Visiting these places will help you to get to know this great
Olympic city. A day out for all the family.
Next to Salou is the beautiful fishing village of Cambrils. Every evening see all the fishing boats bringing in their catch.
A truly memorable day out in the real Spanish countryside. You can visit villages like Montblanc, Sarral, Santes Creus, Pla de Santa Maria and Valls, just to name a few. Also sample some of the local wine at the winery. Real Spain at its best.
One of the oldest and most established monasteries in Europe, set high in the mountains, the views are breathtaking. You can also see the shrine of the Black Madonna, the Patron Saint of Catalonia. 
A wonderful place to visit.